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ThreadFix by Coalfire

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From Security Champions to CISOs, ThreadFix helps break down barriers between teams and improves the efficiency of CI/CD pipelines.

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Reduce Time to Remediate

When vulnerabilities are discovered, it can be tough to go back and fix them. Manage and send vulnerability data to software development and server operations teams in the tools they are already using for remediation. Get vulnerabilities fixed faster.

Reduce Workload

Automatically consolidate, de-duplicate, and correlate vulnerabilities using results from commercial and open source application and network scanning tools, all within a centralized dashboard view.

Enterprise Scale

Speed matters when security breaches can cost you millions per minute. Whether you have 100 applications or thousands, 500 scans per day or per hour, the ThreadFix platform can scale to meet the needs and pace of your security program.

Integrate With Industry Leading Scanners and Defect Trackers

ThreadFix integrates with more than 40 different application scanners, network scanners and defect trackers to help you manage vulnerabilities from discovery to resolution.

Don’t Do It Alone

Need help building a secure software development program? Coalfire offers solutions that span the entire cybersecurity lifecycle, helping you establish and implement your CI/CD pipeline, build confidence and be first to market.

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