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ThreadFix automates the matching and merging of report results from dynamic, static, and interactive application scanners. Skip the spreadsheets and PDFs forever.


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ThreadFix is the industry leading vulnerability resolution platform that provides a window into the state of application security programs for organizations that build software.

Why ThreadFix?

From Application Security Managers to CISOs, ThreadFix helps increase efficiency across teams and provides powerful reporting to upper management.

Explore the powerful benefits of ThreadFix, the industry leading vulnerability resolution platform.


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Consolidate Test Results

Escape spreadsheets and PDF reports forever. Automatically consolidate, de-duplicate, and merge imported results from commercial and open source scanning tools.

Prioritize Risk Decisions

Knowing which vulnerabilities exist is important, but it’s just a start. With ThreadFix, you will quickly spot vulnerability trends and make smart remediation decisions based on data in a centralized view.

Transition Vulnerabilities

When vulnerabilities are discovered, it can be tough to get a development team to go back to fix them. Prioritize, package, and send vulnerability data to software development teams in the tools they are already using for remediation.

Quick Checks

Take a deeper dive on the security of any of your applications. Rapidly assess high-level security risks with Quick Check assessments ordered from your ThreadFix dashboard.

Connect ThreadFix with Your Tools for Greater Insights

ThreadFix combines with industry leading security and development tools, helping to consolidate results from multiple scanners and easily export them to defect tracking and software development software.

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