Continuous ATO for your DevSecOps Pipelines


ThreadFix Vulnerability Resolution Platform

Unifying all of your test and vulnerability data under one platform in your DevSecOps pipeline allows your security team to spend less time on manually correlating results and more time focused on higher-level risk decisions for software security in a continuous ATO process.

ThreadFix automatically consolidates, de-duplicates and correlates results from commercial and open source application and network testing tools to provide developers and security analysts with a unified data set.

How Are Government Agencies Using ThreadFix?

Faster Vulnerability Resolution

As the leading vulnerability resolution platform (VRP), ThreadFix allows you to prioritize and track vulnerabilities detected in source code to help developers fix defects faster during the DevOps build process.

Using ThreadFix’s bi-directional integration with defect tracking tools has resulted in a decrease in mean-time to fix (MTTF) for vulnerabilities of up to 44%.

Integrated Security for Software Assurance DevSecOps

Integrating ThreadFix into DevSecOps pipelines provides access to powerful reporting and analytics capabilities. These tools allow vulnerability data to be analyzed during each stage of the development process based on policies to help enable continuous ATO and ensure software assurance.

Agencies currently using ThreadFix have reported reductions in release delays of 12-24 months, with cost savings of more than $2 million on each DevSecOps pipeline using ThreadFix.

NIST Compliant System Security Planning

ThreadFix can be used in the development of a NIST compliant System Security Plan (SSP) for identifying areas of risk exposure across both software and network infrastructure.

Using ThreadFix, security teams can help ensure compliance with NIST regulations and the other Risk Management Frameworks (RMF) by assessing new and existing application and network infrastructure.

Accelerated RMF A&A Processes and Compliance

ThreadFix enables development teams to accelerate their capability development and Risk Management Framework (RMF) Assessment and Authorizations (A&A) processes for accreditation and continuous ATO via our Jenkins integration and automation of tools like Fortify, WebInspect and defect tools like Jira.

In addition, ThreadFix can be inserted as part of planned security processes for vulnerability remediation for flaws detected as part of ongoing vulnerability management scans.

About ThreadFix

Built by Denim Group, the leading independent application security firm, ThreadFix helps bridge the gap between security and software development teams by aggregating vulnerability test results from static (SAST), dynamic (DAST), and interactive (IAST) application security scanners as well as open source software composition analysis (SCA) tools.

ThreadFix also imports the results of manual penetration testing, code review, and threat modeling to provide a comprehensive view of software security for an organizations. ThreadFix allows security teams to create a consolidated view of applications and vulnerabilities, prioritize application risk decisions based on data, and transition application vulnerabilities to developers in the tools they are already using.

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