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No two businesses have the same security needs, and as companies grow, these needs can become even more complicated. No matter what size your organization, or how complex your requirements, the architecture of the ThreadFix platform is designed to scale to fit your needs.

How Can ThreadFix Work for Your Organization?

Small to Medium-Sized Enterprise

Mid-Market Enterprises often have to deal with the challenges of a small security team not only managing their current security setup, but also planning for future growth. We’ll work with your security team to demonstrate how ThreadFix handles your portfolio as you add new applications.

Large-Sized Enterprise

Large enterprises typically maintain a large IT staff split across multiple locations with dedicated specialists and support teams. Our security experts will help you implement custom workflow solutions that optimize your ThreadFix deployment for your business processes. 

How Large Can ThreadFix Scale?

Whether you’re a small or large enterprise, our security experts will help bring your entire portfolio
of applications and network assets under management in ThreadFix.

Managing Portfolios with Thousands of Applications

ThreadFix’s standard recommended deployments are made to scale to over 7,500 applications and beyond with additional resources. 

Managing Security Programs with Millions of Vulnerabilities

ThreadFix is currently deployed in environments with over 1 million scanned vulnerabilities and helps those organizations focus on the riskiest issues first. 

Automating Thousands of Build Decisions in CI/CD Pipelines per Day

ThreadFix can handle burst capacity of over 500 scans per hour in uploading and processing speed as part of an ongoing CI/CD program to enable your development teams to the security impact of their check ins every day.

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