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ThreadFix provides a centralized view into an organization’s enterprise application security state. This allows organizations to quickly identify vulnerability trends and make informed remediation decisions based on current vulnerability data. Reports also empower managers with baseline metrics needed to conduct data-driven conversations with upper management about the application security posture of the organization.

Dashboard Views of Key Application and Network Security Metrics

ThreadFix dashboards provide quick access to key vulnerability data and allow security managers to quickly assess both the tempo of application security activities and progress addressing the most serious application issues.

  • View vulnerability trending within your organization’s portfolio.
  • Gain an overview of your application portfolio, including the most serious vulnerabilities.
  • Review and access results from recently uploaded scans.

Correlated View of Application and Infrastructure Vulnerabilities

ThreadFix grants users unified views of application and network security vulnerabilities that allow you to quickly identify and manage the most critical business risks to your organization.

  • Use your CMDB to define relationships between application and infrastructure assets.
  • Pivot between application centric and infrastructure centric views of risk.
  • Identify the most serious risks and prioritize the most impactful remediation actions. 

Reporting and Analytics

ThreadFix empowers managers with vulnerability trending reports and up-to-date metrics that demonstrate software security progress over time. Users can export vulnerability trending and analytics data from a dozen predefined reports to PDF and CSV file formats.

  • Segment vulnerability trends across your organization.
  • Obtain snapshot reports on applications in your organization’s portfolio.
  • Generate comparison reports to test the effectiveness of different testing technologies.
  • See specific vulnerability comment threads and collaboration across teams.
  • Collect, track, and report on compensating controls to auditors, executives, and other interested parties.

Advanced Vulnerability Analysis

Using ThreadFix advanced filtering system, drill down into application vulnerability data to answer questions such as, “How many open cross-site scripting vulnerabilities have we identified across our application portfolio?” and “Which critical vulnerabilities are still open after 30 days?”

Vulnerability filtering capabilities allow analysts to:

  • Craft customized views that allow you to quickly isolate and pinpoint suspect vulnerability data.
  • Access data via ThreadFix REST API and command-line client.
  • Store commonly used filters, allowing them instant access to answer common questions.

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