Transition Vulnerabilities

Decrease mean-time-to-fix for vulnerabilities

Stop sending developers emails of PDFs with vulnerabilities or asking them to learn and use completely new tools. ThreadFix provides security teams with the tools they need to identify the areas of risk that are most important to the organization, and then translate critical vulnerability data into the tools development teams are already using, such as defect trackers and integrated development environments (IDEs). This reduces friction in the remediation process and helps decrease the mean-time-to-fix (MTTF) for identified vulnerabilities.

Prioritize Vulnerabilities based on User Defined Attributes

Use ThreadFix metadata tags to mark attributes in your applications and vulnerabilities such as programming language, regulatory requirements (PCI, HIPAA, GRC, etc.) and whether members of your security team have reviewed them. Search and sort for applications and vulnerabilities using tags to identify areas where your team needs to focus on.

Security team members can also leave comments on individual vulnerabilities with additional information for remediation teams and auditors.

Assess the Status of Applications with Defined Pass/Fail Requirements

Create policies that automatically score applications based on custom rule sets including the level of risk, how long a vulnerability has been open and whether new vulnerabilities have been introduced to the application since the last scan.

Integrate with defect trackers to set requirements for when, and what type of new vulnerabilities are exported to developers.

Directly Export Vulnerability Data into Defect Trackers and Ticketing Systems

Communicate application vulnerability data to software development teams and infrastructure vulnerability data to server operations teams by directly exporting vulnerability data into software defect tracking and ticketing systems. Incorporate the tools and processes your development and server operations teams are already using to manage workloads, and in turn, focus the team’s time on remediation.

As software development and server operations teams resolve tickets, ThreadFix detects these changes, enabling the security team to perform follow-up testing to confirm security holes have been closed.

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