NowSecure Platform fully automates security and privacy testing for mobile apps you build and use within one easy-to-use portal. Test pre-prod and/or published iOS/Android binaries while monitoring the apps that power your workforce.

OWASP Dependency Check identifies project dependencies and checks if there are any known, publicly disclosed, vulnerabilities.

OWASP ZAP Integration Import scan results, merge them with other scanning results and track the results of scans over time using ThreadFix’s OWASP ZAP integration.

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Portswigger BurpSuite Pro is a testing platform that maps and analyzes an applications attack surface then discovers and exploits security vulnerabilities.
Qualys Cloud Platform gives you a continuous, always-on assessment of your global security and compliance posture, with 2-second visibility across all your IT assets, wherever they reside.
Qualys Web Application Scanning (WAS) is an automated service that performs regular testing of web applications with automated crawling that scales and minimizes false positives.
Rally’s ALM, integrated with test and defect tracking tools, allows team members to synchronize the testing and QA progress.
Rapid7 AppSpider creates custom attacks based on the architecture of your specific application to provide the most accurate testing results.
Rapid7 InsightVM combines complete ecosystem visibility, an unparalleled understanding of the attacker mindset, and the agility of SecOps so you can act before impact.
SD Elements product features include light-weight automated threat modeling, application security requirements checklists, and continuous integration.
ServiceNow Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) provides the tools you need to proactively manage risk by measuring, testing, and auditing your internal processes, ensuring compliance to regulations, policies, standards, and frameworks.
Skipfish is a web application security tool that prepares interactive sitemaps of targeted sites.