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ThreadFix helps you to normalize your scanning results from a mix of dynamic, static and manual application testing sources. By centralizing all of your scan and vulnerability data in one place your security team can spend less time on manually correlating results and more time focused on higher level risk decisions on software security.

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Receive Real-Time Results

Normalize Results

Normalize dynamic, static and manual application testing results from numerous scanning inputs.

Validate Testing Activities

Validate disparate application vulnerability testing activities via ThreadFix’s Hybrid Analysis Mapping (HAM) technology.

Stay High-Level Focused

Reduce time spent on manually correlating results and focus on higher-level risk decisions on software security.


Fix Vulnerabilities Faster

Automate Back-End Flow

Decrease the time between scanning and fixing by automating the backend flow between security and development teams.

Create Seamless Vulnerability Management

Connect scanners to your development teams to provide seamless application vulnerability management.

Reduce Vulnerability Life

Apply DevOps concepts to continuous vulnerability resolution to reduce the time vulnerabilities live in your web application.


Benchmark and Improve Remediation Processes

Quantify Time to Fix

Quantify vulnerability resolution time to fix across all testing technologies and development teams.

Accurately Measure Exposure

Empower security teams to more accurately measure windows of exposure when insecure code is in production.

Justify Future Budgets

Enable security and development teams to justify future budget by characterizing the true state of vulnerability resolution within the enterprise.

How Does ThreadFix Help the Enterprise?

Benefits to the Chief Information Security Officer

Different scanning technologies, development frameworks and methodologies within an organization can create unwanted uncertainty. ThreadFix helps security teams prioritize their work and helps the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) focus application security resources on the software that needs it most.

Benefits to the Application Security Manager

ThreadFix automates the vulnerability resolution process from end-to-end, freeing up Application Security Managers to truly manage the risk of software in your organization. ThreadFix provides the Application Security Manager with the tools to spend more time engaging with development teams, offer better recommendations on what to fix first and have higher-level risk discussions with the CISO and CSO.

Connect With Industry Leading Scanners and Development Trackers

Over 40 different security and development tools and integrations helping you to track vulnerabilities from discovery to resolution.

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