Rapidly Assess Your Critical Applications

Go Beyond Automated Scanners

Assessing the security of your applications is now even easier thanks to the click-to-order option for QuickCheck assessments direct from your ThreadFix dashboard. Each QuickCheck provides a security review of a single application from the assessment team at Denim Group with results delivered within a few days.

Get Fast, Accurate Results

QuickCheck application assessments from Denim Group provide you with a detailed report that includes:

  • Test background and scope
  • List of defects discovered from manual and automated testing
  • Impact and risk level for defects discovered
  • Priority ranking for vulnerability fixes
  • Guidance on next steps for repairing vulnerabilities
  • Recommendations for additional testing

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Gain Access to the Security Experts at Denim Group

Each QuickCheck assessment allows you to leverage Denim Group’s almost two decades of application and information security expertise. Scale your security program with support from Denim Group’s assessment team, allowing your security teams to focus on what they do best.

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