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Client Results


Throughout for testing workflows

Improved Testing Processes

Able to handle a large portfolio of applications


Time-to-fix for vulnerabilities

Improving Application Testing Workflows

The company had a large portfolio of 2,000 applications, and application security testing processes were manual and nonstandardized with no accountability, leading to requests being lost and no standard way to handle the results of tests that were performed. As a result, the application security team could not fulfill the requirements the business was placing on them. Large portions of the application portfolio were not being tested, and those applications that were being tested were being handled in an ad hoc manner resulting in identified vulnerabilities not being fixed in a timely manner.

Process Standardization

The company used ThreadFix to standardize how static and dynamic tests were run and consolidate the results into a single repository of record. This standardization allowed them to automate the execution of these tests on a standardized timeline.

Workflow Integration

Once the vulnerability identification process was standardized and streamlined, this allowed them to integrate vulnerability management workflows with the JIRA system in use by development teams.


At the end of the day, our education client saw improvements above and beyond what they were expecting. The company experienced a 5x increase in throughput for the application security testing request workflow, and a 44 percent decrease in time-to-fix after adding JIRA integration.

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