ThreadFix 2.1 Now Available


[Updated: Come see our webinar about what’s new in ThreadFix 2.1]


The ThreadFix team is proud to announce the release of ThreadFix 2.1 Community Edition. Our 2.1 release is jam-packed full system enhancements, a handful of new features and integrations, and we’ve also identified and fixed over 190 bugs.

Check out the full list of updates and fixes. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • New Integrations: in efforts to continue to expanding our comprehensive coverage of industry leading tools and technologies, ThreadFix now integrates with the following five [5] additional software assurance technologies:
#210 Support for HP Quality Center
#61 Support for Version One
#23 Support for Cenzic/Trustwave Hailstorm
#433 Support for Checkmarx
#433 ThreadFix Community Contribution: Support for Riverbed ‘Stingray’ WAF
  • New Features: to improve upon the ThreadFix experience, we’ve added the following new features and functionality:
#261 Vulnerability Filtering
#281 Expose Vulnerability Search through the REST API to enable advanced remote queries
#354 Add the option for Saved Vulnerability Filters
  • System Enhancements: we’ve taken the current features and improved upon them with several great system enhancements to existing functionality and integrations:
#511 Ability to configure Remote Provider synchronization frequency
#525 Ability to configure Remote Provider issue status update frequency
#585 Improvements to the Zed Attack Proxy Importer
#584 Improvements to the Qualys WAS Importer
#326, #341 Improvements to the Dependency Check Importer
#615 Improvements to the Nessus Importer
#362 Improvements to the WhiteHat Importer
#386 Dynamic Defect Submission Form for HP Quality Center
#389 Defect Submission Form for Jira                                                                                                                           
#392 Dynamic Defect Submission Form for Version One
#291 Toggle Vulnerability Merging ON/OFF
#293 Add Ability to Export to CSV and JSON
#343 Add Ability to edit/map unmapped findings

Thanks against to the ThreadFix user community for all the feedback. Thanks also to the ThreadFix contributor community for all the generous contributions.

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About Dan Cornell

A globally recognized application security expert and the creator of ThreadFix, Dan Cornell holds 20 years of experience architecting, developing and securing web-based software systems. As the Chief Technology Officer and a Principal at Denim Group, Ltd, the parent company of ThreadFix, he leads the technology team to help Fortune 500 companies and government organizations integrate security throughout the development process.