ThreadFix 1.0.0 Now Available (!)

With more than 1,200 downloads of the betas behind us, today we’re releasing ThreadFix version 1.0.0. This has been more than two and a half years in the making so we’re all really thrilled to be able to do this. You can see our press release online here and keep an eye on this blog to see additional press and analyst coverage.
For those who haven’t been following along and might not be familiar with ThreadFix:
ThreadFix is a software vulnerability aggregation and management system that reduces the time it takes to fix software vulnerabilities. ThreadFix imports the results from dynamic, static and manual testing to provide a centralized view of software security defects across development teams and applications. The system allows companies to correlate testing results and streamline software remediation efforts by simplifying feeds to software issue trackers. By auto generating application firewall rules, this tool allows organizations to continue remediation work uninterrupted. ThreadFix empowers managers with vulnerability trending reports that show progress over time, giving them justification for their efforts.
I wanted to express a personal thanks to all of the beta testers who have put ThreadFix through its paces, reported bugs and made feature requests. All of your support has been incredibly helpful. And we’re not done – please keep it coming. Feedback is the breakfast of champions and we want to make sure ThreadFix is as valuable as possible for everyone using it.
Here are a couple of useful links:
Keep an eye on this blog for info about future ThreadFix developments. This release isn’t the end of the road – it is a beginning. And we have lots of great stuff in store for ThreadFix users.

Contact us if you would like help building your software security program around ThreadFix.


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