ThreadFix Thursday: PenTestIT, New Beta7 Build Available


We’re recovering from RSA 2012 last week, but still managed to have a solid week of progress with ThreadFix:

  •  Lots of ThreadFix demos at RSA last week leading to some great feedback on needed features and UI improvements. We’ll keep pushing that stuff up into the Google Code issue tracker and then rolling out into the updated beta builds as we have bandwidth.
  • @PenTestIT covered ThreadFix in one of his posts this week. He had also covered ThreadFix in its previous incarnation when it was called Vulnerability Manager so I’m thrilled to see updated coverage.
  • We pushed a new build (beta7) live with some bugfixes, stability enhancements and a security fix. I’ll post most details shortly about the security fixes we made.

Next week will probably still be a little slow, but check back in the following one for “WAF Week” where we get our IDS/IPS/WAF lab back online and make some updates to our virtual patch generation capabilities. We’re moving beyond what we set up for the Self-Healing Cloud environment to support new scanners and new blocking technologies. Contact us if you have any questions or comments.


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