Webinar: ThreadFix 2.4 Maximizing the Impact of Your Application Security Resources

We ran a webinar for the upcoming ThreadFix 2.4 Enterprise release. Slides and a video recording of the webinar are available here:

There were a couple of items that came up during the presentation where I wanted to provide some additional detail and links to resources:

  • For folks that are not yet familiar with ThreadFix and its capabilities, check out the main ThreadFix website.
  • For folks looking to learn more about using ThreadFix to add security to a CI/CD DevOps pipeline, check out this talk from Matt Tesauro as well as these DevOps.com articles (Part 1, Part 2). More on this to come!

There were also a couple of questions that were asked, but that we accidentally didn’t answer because of a mixup with the chat system. To follow up on those:

Thanks to everyone who attended and participated in the discussion.

About Dan Cornell

A globally recognized application security expert and the creator of ThreadFix, Dan Cornell holds 20 years of experience architecting, developing and securing web-based software systems. As the Chief Technology Officer and a Principal at Denim Group, Ltd, the parent company of ThreadFix, he leads the technology team to help Fortune 500 companies and government organizations integrate security throughout the development process.