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Developers need to move quickly and efficiently. Coverity’s speed, accuracy, ease of use, and scalability meet the needs of even the largest, most complex environments. ThreadFix allows you to centralize all test and vulnerability data in one place so your software security team can spend less time on manually correlating results and more time focusing on higher-level risk decisions. Join us to get a firsthand look at how Coverity and ThreadFix arm development teams with the tools they need to advance security programs in real time.


Co-Presenter Dan Cornell

As Chief Technology Officer and Principal at Denim Group, Dan Cornell leads the technology team to help Fortune 500 companies and government organizations integrate security throughout the development process.  Learn more about Dan >>

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Co-Presenter James Croall

James Croall is Product Management Director for the Synopsys Coverity static analysis solution. James has spent the last 13 years working with Coverity customers worldwide. Prior to producing application security testing tools, James was a user of these technologies as a developer and software security researcher at MITRE, McAfee and Symantec Research Labs. Learn more about Coverity>>

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