ThreadFix 2.2M7 Now Available


The last ThreadFix 2.2 build before our release candidates is now available. There are a number of bugfixes included as well as a couple of new features including:

  • Fixed limitation that prevented Qualys users from importing results from more than 100 applications
  • Added ability to include defect tracker issue references to SSVL file uploads
  • Added HSQL to MySQL database upgrade tool
  • Added CSV2SSVL conversion tool (converts CSV files to OWASP SSVL XML files for uploads to ThreadFix)
  • Added ability to provide a “display name” for applications linked via Remote Providers

There are still a few more things that will be included in the ThreadFix 2.2 release candidate build, but there’s new stuff in this milestone build for folks to check out. So head on over to the ThreadFix downloads page.

If you run into any issues, please post them to our GitHub issue tracker or the ThreadFix Google Group and if you have any other questions, please contact us.